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Stratos Motorclub International, originally was started by Gene McClendon, in 1988. Once a mobile detailing service going to people's homes and businesses from as far south as San Diego, Ca to as far north as Oakland Ca. Even as far East as New York. Yes detailing cars for Athletes, Actor's and Actresses.

A decade later the business of Auto Detailing took on a whole new level of service to it's clients who wanted something more, customizing. In 1999 Gene McClendon created International Motoring Inc. A automobile company that was having vehicle's shipped from any where in the world to Pasadena Ca, to have his company create a vehicle designed to everyone's liking. From Interior upgrades, to custom wheel and tire packages, audio video systems as well as custom paint.

Stratos Motorclub is a company that's driven by over 40 years combined experience in the automotive industry...Our specialty is making sure that You the client experience what you deserve....The Very Best in Quality and Service. Whether that be assisting you with a New or Pre-owned Vehicle for A fraction of the original price, A custom paint job. Wheel and Tire packages or any accessory of your desire! We will get you there....and top it off with a professional Detail at your home or office!

Stratos (sphere) : "The very highest levels of a profession or other sphere that one can attain"

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